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Kinohimitsu Detox Enzyme

With working from home as the new norm, it can be both a blessing and a curse. Pros: Comfortable workwear and the lack of commute. Cons: A more sedentary lifestyle and the irresistible urge to snack all day. The double whammy? You may find yourself bingeing on unhealthy foods that can upset your digestive system.

Not much thought is usually given to our digestive system. But our gut plays a much bigger part in our overall well-being than one might realise. Think of it as the sewage system in your body; if it is working optimally, your body will absorb the nutrients from your diet, which in turn leads to a host of other benefits like increased energy and enhanced mental clarity. Another visible sign that your digestive system is in tip-top shape? Clearer skin. A healthy gut eliminates toxins that may cause acne and other common skin conditions, while a balanced gut flora reduces the risk of skin inflammation and even eczema.

However, there are many factors that can upset your digestive system. Poor lifestyle habits that contribute to an unhealthy gut include stress, insufficient sleep and exercise, irregular meals, and consuming too much alcohol or caffeine. As a result, you may find yourself facing fatigue, lower immunity, insomnia, bloating, constipation, and a host of health problems.

The most common culprit is not including enough fibre in your daily meals. A high-fibre diet can help improve digestion, eliminate constipation, and help you maintain or achieve a healthy weight.

Get the health benefits from 75 fruits and vegetables

Kinohimitsu Detox Enzyme has been formulated specially to help those who find it difficult to incorporate enough fibre into their meals. The concentrated plant-based enzyme blend works to supplement unbalanced diets.

It contains a power-packed selection of 75 fruits and vegetables such as vitamin C-rich roselle which improves immunity and maintains metabolism, and zinc-rich aloe vera which gets rid of bad microorganisms in the intestine. Other ingredients include guava, lemon, sweet potato, beetroot, acai berry and eggplant – a power-packed nutrient boost in just one handy supplement drink sachet. 

Using a patented process, these fruits and vegetables are fermented for 365 days to produce digestive enzymes that are said to aid digestion and nutrient absorption. The fermentation process also turns these ingredients into smaller molecules so they are more easily absorbed by the body.

With improved digestion and nutrient absorption, Kinohimitsu Detox Enzyme is said to detoxify the body, reduce bloating, and support weight management. You can consume one to two sachets every day before or after meals for six days consecutively. After this, do a maintenance cleanse by taking one to three sachets a week, whenever you feel bloated or fatigued.

It is also suitable for those who have difficulty regulating their daily bowel movements. Kinohimitsu Detox Enzyme supports a healthy intestinal environment and it is said to relieve constipation within two to four hours. 

Kinohimitsu Detox Enzyme comes in individual, easy-to-consume, portable sachets – which means you can even enjoy it on the go. Pour into a glass of iced water and enjoy it as a delicious berry-flavoured beverage!

Kinohimitsu Detox Enzyme retails at $59.90 (box of 30 sachets). For the month of August, discounts up to 50% off are available on Kinohimitsu e-store (, Qoo10, Lazada, Shopee, Taobao, iShopChangi, Ezbuy, KrisShop, Guardian, Watsons, Welcia-BHG, OG and Kinohimitsu retail stores.

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