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During the time of the month, it’s common to have a loss of appetite. And if you suffer from cramps, usually the last thing you feel like doing is eat. Food cravings are common too and, unfortunately, what you crave for when you’re having your period is bad for you. Here’s what you should stay away from, as they make your cramps worse. 

Salty Food

It’s normal to feel bloated when you’re having your period and eating salty food will make you feel worse. Foods that are high in sodium increase bloating and causes your body to retain water, which makes you feel even more puffy and swollen. So step away from the french fries and walk out of Mc Donald’s now. 

Dairy Products

Many people find dairy products difficult to digest and, when you’re having your period, you tend to be even more sensitive to certain foods. Dairy also worsens bloating. And, to top it off, dairy foods like ice-cream, milk and cheese contain an omega-6 fatty acid that can increase inflammation and cause cramping. If you’re worried about losing out on your calcium intake, stock up on foods like almonds and broccoli. 


Caffeine makes your cramps worse because it constricts blood vessels and therefore may cause the vessels that feed your uterus to tighten. If you really need a dose of caffeine, switch to tea for a few days, as it has lower caffeine levels and will still give you the boost you need. 


Craving for cupcakes and sweets is normal during your period but while it might elevate your mood for a bit, it will also alleviate your pain. Firstly, sugar is inflammatory and therefore causes cramping. But, most importantly, it plays with your blood sugar levels by first taking you on a high, then come crashing down, affecting your mood and making you feel more tired too. If you need a sugar rush, try foods with natural sugars such as dates or figs. 


You may enjoy the high of forgetting about your cramps for a while but alcohol acts as a diuretic and results in water retention, which can lead to bloating and make your cramps worse. Besides, no woman should deal with period cramps and a hangover. 


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