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It’s a word we hear everywhere – ‘detox’. Whether it’s a detox diet, a juice cleanse or even colonic irrigation (yikes!), many starry-eyed adherents have shared stories on the transformative benefits of ridding their bodies of toxins.

But what exactly is a detox diet? For starters, these primarily liquid-based regimes claim to be able to, amongst other things, make you lose weight and feel better – but are they all they’re cracked up to be? Here are five reasons why you probably shouldn’t go on one.

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It Doesn’t Give You More Energy

Going on a juice cleanse results in your body receiving less calories than it needs, so you might end up feeling sluggish or fatigued, which can be detrimental to your productivity at work and well, life in general. You may be better off tweaking your diet by including more fruits in your diet and drinking more water.

It’s a Short-Term Fix

People who go on a juice cleanse often rave about how the kilos have melted off their bodies, so surely you should be doing it too, right? Not so fast. While detox diets generally do lead to weight loss, the benefits are only temporary so it won’t help if you’re looking to drop pounds for the long run. More often than not, what you’re losing is water weight, which means that it’ll be easy to put it all back on again once you resume eating ‘normally’.

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It’s Expensive

The prices of ‘miracle’ green juices in stores can be heart-stopping: You can easily spend a few hundred dollars on a couple of bottles that’ll scarcely last you a week. It may make more sense (or is that ‘cents’) to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Your Body Detoxes Naturally

The truth is that our body doesn’t need any help with detoxing as it does so by itself. Your liver and kidneys are the main organs that process and purge toxins from your body. These work together to remove potentially harmful waste and, as long as they’re functioning properly, there’s no need to offer them any assistance.

You Really Don’t Need To Cleanse Your Colon

If you’re thinking of going through colonic irrigation, do note that the ‘toxins’ you’re expelling would’ve been removed by your body as waste material in due time. This process also comes with possible side effects such as cramping and bloating, plus other seriously dire health hazards such as (touch wood) bowel perforations.