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We all get hit by some form of negativity at times. For instance, dreading work, having second thoughts about attending a party, withdrawing from conversations… Just don’t let those feelings linger for too long.

For a quick mood fix, a couple of exercises should do the trick. Try these yoga poses to banish the tightness in your whole body, especially in the chest, back and hips. You’ll feel so much lighter after this!


The Plan

Do the poses in order without resting. Spend two to five minutes in each pose, and keep a comfortable pace.


Works abs, hips and back

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Sit with knees bent, feet on mat. Extending arms forward at shoulder height, lean back slightly and lift feet till shins are parallel to mat. Keep legs bent and palms facing inwards [shown]. This is your starting position. Hold for three seconds.

Slowly lower torso, arms and legs (straightening as you go) until they almost touch mat [shown]. Hold for three seconds and return to starting position. Repeat for two minutes.


Works abs, chest, back, thighs and glutes

Lie face up with arms at sides, knees bent and feet on mat with heels directly under knees to start [shown].

Engaging core and thigh muscles, lift butt until thighs are almost parallel to mat. Push knees away from hips and lengthen spine. You may clasp hands together [shown]. Hold for a minute. Do three reps.



Works arms, chest, abs, back, butt and legs

Lie face up with knees bent, feet on mat with heels directly under knees. Bend elbows and place palms beside head, fingers pointing towards shoulders. Lift butt and lower crown to mat [shown]. This is your starting position.

Pressing feet and hands into mat, lift head and hips as high as possible. Straighten arms and keep knees pointing in same direction as feet. Rise on balls of feet to deepen stretch [shown]. Hold for 10 seconds. Slowly lower hips to return to starting position; repeat for two minutes.


Happy Baby

Works back and inner thighs

Lie face up and bring knees to belly. Grabbing outsides of feet with hands, widen knees and bring them close to torso, ankles directly over knees [shown]. Hold for two minutes.

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