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As busy, working women, we don’t need our legs to break the Internet Angelina Jolie-style every time we step out. But we do want slim, toned gams that will look great in whatever we wear. Claudel Kuek, pilates director of Powermoves, teaches us two simple yet effective exercises to get rid of thunder thighs.

1. Side Leg Drops

Lie on one side, propping head up with bottom arm. Place other arm on mat in front of you for balance. Keep legs stacked and in line with head, torso and pelvis. Lift top leg to hip level and flex foot (so that foot is perpendicular to body). Lower leg with toes pointed towards mat. Tap mat lightly. Lift foot, with heel angled towards ceiling and toes pointed to mat. Repeat the tapping and lifting process for 25 times without stopping or moving hips. Switch sides. Do three sets on each side in total.


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2. Side Leg Lifts

Lie on your side. Straighten bottom arm and place it under head. Align ears, shoulders and hips. Place legs slightly angled to the front so that your body forms the curve of a banana and protects the lower back. Keeping your abdominals sucked in, inhale to begin. Upon exhaling, tighten abdominal and leg muscles to lift both legs a few centimetres off the mat. Flex feet and keep inner thighs together. Slowly lower legs onto mat. Repeat eight times. Switch sides.


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