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5 ways stress is good for you and how to take advantage of it

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We all face stress in our daily lives at some point of time. Since it’s so inevitable, here’s how you can use stress in a positive way.

1. Build relationships

You might not notice this, but talking about your problems when you are stressed can often give rise to an in-depth conversation. Sharing what’s bothering you with your friends or family members can be a theraputic way of releasing stress, and at the same time, help you bond with others.


2. Dream bigger

When we’re stressed, we usually don’t stop to consider our limitations or what we were usually daunted by. Use that surge of adrenaline to accomplish something that has always seemed a little out of reach. Who knows? The results could be astounding.


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3. Exercise

Stress can give you that right amount of adrenaline you need to work out, which also helps to release any pent up frustration. You will feel more accomplished and confident at the end of your session at the gym!

4. Be entertained

Maybe we all think that having a stress-free life equates to happiness. But there’s a possibility that some stressful situations help to make our life more interesting and enjoyable. Let’s face it, we could be pretty bored without stressors like aiming for that promotion or finding out if he feels the same way about you.


5. Improve yourself

Stress often pushes us to be a better version of ourselves. It propels us to be overcomers at the end of it all. See it as a obstacle with good intentions – for yourself to improve and grow as a person, whether it’s learning a new skill or working hard to get a pay raise.


This article was originally published in Shape.