ZhouXun.jpgActress Zhou Xun’s One Night benefit concert last night morphed into a wedding, when she announced her marriage to actor Archie Kao in full bridal regalia. – PHOTO: WEIBO ACCOUNT OF ZHOU XUN

Shanghai – Actress Zhou Xun’s One Night benefit concert on July 17, 2014 morphed into a wedding, when she announced her marriage to actor Archie Kao in full bridal regalia, said NetEase website.

The blushing bride looked a vision in a long sleeveless dress in white silk tulle with iridescent sequin embroideries, and paired it with a white veil and feathered hair accessories. The couple exchanged Ulta rings (made from 18k white gold and black and white ceramic) from Chanel’s fine jewellery collection.

Near the end of the show in Hangzhou, which featured her friends such as actor Chen Kun, actress Gwei Lun-mei and former Super Junior singer Han Geng, she emerged in a white beaded dress and veil, holding hands with Kao.

Chinese-American television star Kao spoke first, struggling to say in Mandarin: “It’s love that brought everybody here. It’s love that brought me together with my wife.”

Zhou said she and her husband were glad to be sharing their “happy moment” at the concert. She said she had played a bride in a few movies, but “this time there’s finally a Zhou Xun version”.

The couple proceeded to exchange vows and rings, which had been carried on stage by Chen’s son.

Zhou, 39, and Kao, 44, are reported to have dated for about a year. They announced their romance two months ago. Zhou has starred in movies including Cloud Atlas (2012) and Painted Skin (2008). Kao is known for TV series such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

At a private party later, Zhou toasted her guests but explained that she could not drink too much. She said: “When I drink too much, I lose my memory. But I want to remember tonight.”

Still, she asked for a full glass of champagne and drank it in one gulp, which brought a roar of “zao sheng gui zi” (“have a son soon”) from the crowd.

“Thank you, we are trying,” she said, as the guests screamed and applauded.

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