Since Triumph launched its cleavage-boosting bra in 1998, it has changed many women’s lives and enabled many to feel confident about themselves. Twenty years later, that hasn’t changed. To celebrate this milestone, the brand held a party at the Museum of Contemporary Art on Apr 29 this year. Guests included singer Kelly Poon, Candyce Toh, actress Vivian Lai, and models Sheila Sim and Amber Chia amongst others.


1. You’ll look good in your wedding gown
If you need or want extra help in that department, this one does its job well. Be sure to pick the right underwear for the type of gown you’re wearing. For instance, if you opt for a brightly coloured pair, it’s best to wear it with your evening gown, as it may show underneath your white gown. And, if you’re not sure, you can refer to our guide.

2. Surprise!
As many brides will attest, you’ll be dead tired by the time the party’s over. So give your new hubby a surprise he’ll appreciate, especially on your first night as Mr & Mrs.


3. It’s comfortable and fairly easy to remove
As with your gown, you’ll be wearing this all day, too, which is why you should feel as comfortable as possible. And, as mentioned in the point above, you’ll probably be beat once your last guest leaves. If you’re wearing a gown that’s got many buttons or is difficult to remove unless you’ve got help, you’ll want to wear something that’s easy to remove below. This bra helps give you the shape you want without having to go through several knots and laces to get off.


The Maximizer is available at all Triumph stores and counters.