Cool days, cooler nights
I went during the off peak season – summer in Bhutan – and the weather was just perfect for outdoor bridal shoots. Temperatures ranged from 24-27 degrees in the day and a cooler 20 degrees at night. Although there are thunderstorms and showers during this period, the rains last barely an hour and pass by quickly. The cloudy sky prevents sunburns (especially at such a high altitude) and the flat light is actually ideal for picture taking.

bhutan.jpgAt Buddha’s Point

bhutan4.jpgMakeup artist Grego getting our model ready for the shoot at Tiger’s Nest.

Nature’s Gift
Whether it’s the soaring mountains, cloud-tipped hills or scenic rushing rivers, there’s a gorgeous backdrop for your pictures at every turn of the road. The views from above, especially at Buddha’s Point and the viewing platform at Tiger’s Nest, are absolutely stunning! Do note that it may take hours to reach a particular location above the clouds but the breathtaking views are well worth the effort!


Monuments, bridges and flags
Besides the lush beauty of Bhutan’s natural landscape, there are hundreds of other scenic backdrops for your picture taking, including ancient monuments, majestic monasteries perched high by the mountainside, ropes of colourful prayers flags fluttering in the breeze, and even the carved and motif-covered wooden bridges that straddle churning rivers.


It’s a colourful life!
The Bhutanese have immense pride in their way of life, culture and national dress. Men and women are seen everywhere in traditional garb and they look beautifully elegant and stylish; and the children, dressed in their miniature outfits, are too adorable! Ask the locals politely if you can take a picture with them and most will oblige with a smile, even the maroon-garbed buddhist monks and nuns!


Guided tours
Having a Bhutanese guide during the course of your trip is a must for any visitor to Bhutan. The daily fee for the guide also covers the fee for a driver and transport to ferry you around during your trip. These guides are truly invaluable if you’re planning for a photo shoot, or even a holiday in Bhutan. My guide, Ugyen, was such a rich source of knowledge for every location and venue; the stories and histories he regaled us were fascinating and insightful. He was also able to bring us to ideal spots and locations that we wanted for our pictures, and was the perfect facilitator when discussing with sentries, monks and locals at the places we shot. He made the entire experience, smooth, easy and very enriching.

Special thanks to Taj Tashi Hotel, Druk Air and Druk Asia Bhutan Travel Specialist for taking such good care of the team. For more images in Bhutan, check out our Facebook album, here.

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