ST_20150325_JGNJANET25VO7V_1171679e.jpgTaiwanese-American travel host Janet Hsieh and Singapore-based actor George Young’s wedding will be aired as part of a travel show that is in the works. — PHOTO: NICK ONKEN/THE STRAITS TIMES

Taiwanese-American travel host, actress and model Janet Hsieh and Singaporean-based British-born actor-host George Young may be able to read each other’s minds (according to a video interview they did with Elle magazine). But when it comes to making their marriage legal, it seems they have more to discuss.

The couple, who are now in a long-distance relationship, revealed that they are still deciding which country to register their marriage in. Janet has Taiwanese and American citizenship, while George holds a British passport. They said they would decide once they understand the countries’ respective legal systems better.

georgeyoung.jpgBrrrr… We’re still not sure how the couple were able to withstand the cold in their wedding finery! PHOTO: George Young’s Instagram

The photogenic couple, both 35, announced their marriage in Antarctica via their Instagram accounts by posting a photo of themselves holding a “Just Married” sign amidst icebergs and penguins on February 1, 2015.

how Janet Hsieh managed to hook George Young DECORA photo from when George was a guest on Janet’s Fun Taiwan show in 2010.

Janet and George were friends for 10 years before being in a relationship. George proposed a year later in December 2014, and they tied the knot in January 2015.

Their wedding ceremony was attended by family and friends including Taiwanese actress Janine Chang and Taiwanese band Soda Green’s vocalist Wu Ching-feng.

Prior to their wedding, the couple was filming in Texas (Hsieh’s birthplace), Argentina and Antarctica.