They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it may well be true in the case of English tennis champion Andy Murray and wife Kim Sears. In an interview with British tabloid newspaper, The Sun, and US’ New York Times, Murray revealed that their relationship works thanks to the amount of time spent with each other – that is, not very much.

He said to The Sun, “I’ve found spending a bit of time apart isn’t actually a bad thing. If you spend two or three weeks apart and then get to see each other, you appreciate it more.”

In a separate interview with the New York Times, he added that the distance also helps as “It’s normally at the end of a three-, four-week trip where we haven’t seen each other. It’s nice. It breaks it up a little bit for me… If you spend two or three weeks apart, and then you do get to see each other, you appreciate it more. You spend six months with each other, then every single day you start arguing about little things, whatever. When we spend a bit more time apart, the time that we do spend together, we actually appreciate it more. ”

The couple, who met at a party in 2005, celebrate their 10th year together, and will be welcoming their first child in February 2016.