Like the simple two-course meal laid out in front of him, local singer Sezairi Sezali wants his upcoming wedding to be a no-frills, low-key affair.

The 28-year-old Singapore Idol 3 winner popped the question to his girlfriend Syaza Qistina Tan, 24, last December.

They officially got engaged on Valentine’s Day. The couple, who have been dating for six years, are looking at a mid-2016 date for their nuptials.

“Many people want a huge wedding with lots of guests. Not me,” said Sezairi over lunch with M last Thursday at And Why cafe in Bali Lane.

“My ideal wedding would have just two people in attendance – my fiancee and I. But of course, it’s not like we can elope.

“Thankfully, both our parents are on the same page as us. So realistically, our wedding will be a small-ish one. I’d keep it to family and close friends.”

Celebrations will also be “multicultural”, added Sezairi. Ms Tan’s father is Chinese and her mum is half Chinese and half Malay.

“We are trying to avoid holding two weddings. Right now, we are working out how to seamlessly put the Malay buffet and Chinese dinner (concepts) together on the same day,” he explained.

Sezairi’s fans can catch him on the big screen soon when he makes his acting debut in local historical movie 1965, starring MediaCorp stars Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh, and Malaysian actress Deanna Yusoff. It opens here on July 30.

Sezairi, who plays rookie police constable Adi, credits Yusoff – who plays his mother – for helping him ease into character.

“Deanna was there for me 24/7. The first scene we shot required me to cry and it was so intense and emotional,” he recalled.

“We did so many different takes and Deanna gave it her all. By the end of the day, I was so into my role I literally broke down.”

Did you have to go on a diet or put on weight for your role in 1965?
Nah, I was perfect for it. Skinny and lean. My character is 20, I am 28, so I tried to do reverse ageing by drinking Tongkat Ali. (Laughs) Just joking lah.

You don’t seem like a big fan of weddings.
I don’t go to weddings at all. As much as I can, I try to avoid weddings. (Smiles)

I have celebrity friends who have had their weddings gatecrashed and turned into a 3,000-crowd fiasco. The last thing I want is to be at my own wedding and go, “Hey, thanks for coming. Who the hell are you?”

Do you or your fiancee cook?
She’s a brilliant cook. She’s always trying to teach me knife skills and she criticises the way I cut my ingredients. She has an amazing Thai fried chicken recipe, and she makes really kickass steak and burgers too. She will handchop meat and make them into patties, and she’s particular about the buns she uses.

As for myself, it’s always instant noodles. (Laughs) I do have a secret dish though, which I used to make for my friends. It’s called “Ramly Burger Maggi Noodles”. I would cut up chunks of Ramly Burger into my Maggi noodles and allow the fat (from the burger) to melt into the soup. It’s really nice!

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