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On your wedding day, you’ll want to make sure that your photographer doesn’t miss out on any ‘Kodak moments’. To help you think about the shots you definitely want to see in your wedding album, here’s a list of wedding photo ideas which you can tailor to your needs and then present to your photographer to help them out on the big day. The list isn’t intended to be exhaustive – and you should of course allow your photographer some creative licence to come up with ideas of their own.

Before the wedding

While everyone is busy getting ready for the ceremony, there can be some special moments which can easily be missed. Be sure to ask the photographer to capture the following moments, or pass your camera around your bridal entourage to ensure there are photos of everyone.

    – Bride getting ready with mother.
    – Bridesmaids.
    – Relatives.
    – Bride and bridesmaids putting on makeup/having their hair done.
    – Bride and parents leaving for ceremony.
    – Groom getting ready.
    – Groom doing up his tie.
    – Groom and best man.
    – Groom with parents.

At the wedding prior to the ceremony

While the guests arrive and everyone is anticipating the arrival of the bride, it’s a good idea to capture this special atmosphere, particularly as this is something the bride herself won’t experience. Try and get some relaxed shots of the following:

    – Guests arriving at the ceremony.
    – Bridesmaids’ and Bride’s arrival.
    – Groom’s arrival.
    – Chief bridesmaid walking down the aisle.
    – Bridesmaids walking down the aisle.
    – Flower girl and ring bearer walking down aisle.
    – Groom waiting for bride.
    – Ceremony musicians or choir.
    – Wedding official.
    – Close up of bride just before entering.

At the wedding ceremony

At this stage, the photographer will need to be their most discreet, but it’s a great opportunity to capture the main moments of the day. Consider requesting the following images to be taken:

    – Bride and father walking down the aisle.
    – Bride and father walking down the aisle (back shot) – with the groom ahead in the distance.
    – Bride and groom saying their vows, and then looking in to one another’ eyes.
    – Exchange of the rings.
    – Close up of their hands.
    – The first kiss as a married couple.
    – Married couple signing the marriage certificate.
    – Bride and groom walking up the aisle.
    – Bride and groom as soon as they emerge from the ceremony.
    – Guests throwing confetti or equivalent over the couple.
    – Guests congratulating the couple -capture hugs, kisses and bride bending down to younger relatives.
    – Bride and groom getting in to their wedding car.
    – Bride and groom on the back seat of the wedding car, sipping champagne.
    – Couple being driven away and guests waving them off.

After the ceremony and the wedding reception

Now that the wedding party can begin to relax and enjoy the rest of the wedding day, it is a great opportunity to capture some fun and spontaneous shots. This is where the party starts and everyone enjoys a drink, so the photographer can be more creative and have a freer reign of the images. Consider capturing the following:

    – Bridal bouquet.
    – Groom portraits.
    – Bridal couple (full length and close shots).
    – Bride and her parents.
    – Groom and his parents.
    – Bridal couple with both sets of parents.
    – Bride with flower girl/ring bearer.
    – Bride with chief bridesmaid.
    – Bride with bridesmaids.
    – Bride with groomsmen.
    – Groom with best man.
    – Groom and his groomsmen.
    – Groom with bridesmaids.
    – Bride alone (full length).
    – Bride and groom with families.
    – Bride and groom with entire wedding party.

The wedding reception

    – Bridal couple arriving at reception venue.
    – Bride and groom greeting guests.
    – Table centrepieces.
    – Head table.
    – Musicians or DJ.
    – Guest book.
    – Wedding gifts.
    – Close up of bride and groom’s place card.
    – The speeches.
    – Wedding cake and cutting of the cake.
    – Bride and groom with guests at each table.
    – Food shots.
    – First dance.
    – Groom and groom’s mother dancing.
    – Father of the bride and bride dancing.
    – Various guests dancing.
    – Bride throwing bouquet.
    – Decorating the wedding couple’s car.
    – Bride and groom driving away.

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