PHOTO: Fairy’s Inc’s Letitia collection

Vintage designs are one-of-a-kind, and are hard to find, if they come with history. Whether new, customised, or from mum’s jewellery box, it takes a very special bride to wear them. Here, ways to find your very own band.

Family heirlooms
If you don’t mind not having a new ring, and cherish the sentiment, look to your groom’s or your mum, grandma, or even great-grandma’s jewellery box. Alternatively, you may consider jewellers like Revival Jewels, who collects vintage pieces from auctions around the world.

Look to jewellers who specialise in such designs
Local jewellers like Choo Yilin, Fairy’s Inc and Goldheart offer bespoke wedding and engagement jewellery, some of which are vintage-inspired.

Design it yourself
Can’t find something suitable still? Consider designing your own with private jewellers, or customize them at brands like Lovis Diamonds’s personalisation service or Cartier’s Set For You engagement ring service.