“When assessing how good a bridal salon is, look at the workmanship of its gowns. Well-finished stitching is a sign that the dressmaker takes more care in making your dress.”
Francine Martindale-harp, in the media industry

“Be clever about what you splurge on. For instance, before you top up on any package, make sure you will need the item you are topping up on. Take photos for example. You won’t need to reprint everything because sometimes there are repeat photographs and also really, you won’t always be looking at pictures. Twelve months on, you’ll find that you’ll be dusting them more!”
Teo Kuan Yee, Corporate Communications Officer

“Always discuss with your hubby-to-be your visions of the wedding day —he may have his own ideas, and a discussion will only make things clearer. This way, you can both plan the wedding of your dreams and work towards one goal together.”
Tracy Ng, Restaurant Owner

“Trust your instincts when shopping for your dress. If you like a dress very much and you feel really good with in it, chances are, that’s the dress you will end up with. I went to 10 other shops to try out different styles, but I still ended up with the first dress I fell in love with.”
Joyceline Tully, Writer

“For an overseas wedding, a planner is essential. To find the best one, always go through the word of mouth —get friends and relatives to recommend. If you can’t find one that way, try the ‘Net but be sure to get references and check up the background of the planner. A good planner ensures peace of mind. Another thing to remember: Never pay a vendor the full fee upfront. Pay part of it, then the rest upon delivery of goods or after the wedding.”
Elizabeth Kim, Group Fitness Instructor

“If you’re on a shoestring budget, spend your money on what’s really important to you both, such as a good photographer to capture great memories on print, rather than blowing the money on an impersonal dinner.”
Belinda Lau, Student

This article was first published in Her World Brides Dec 2004 – Feb 2005.