Brides and wedding mood boards go hand in hand like you and hubby-to-be. Like him, your mood board not only helps you feel good, but is also good for sorting out and firming up wedding planning ideas.

Here’s some suggestions on how to get started on your mood board:

Singapore wedding ideas: Mood boards

Our modern vintage glam mood board: Fabric necklace, $180, from Flamingo Bridal; tiara, $16,
from Chomel;
pink hairband, $15, from Diva, and pearl and diamante pin, $5.90, from Chamelon.


It’s anything from an actual physical board to a scrapbook where you’d put up (or down) your various ideas. Starting one is easy – settle on a “feel” first. For instance, if you’re thinking of a glamorous wedding with a modern-vintage touch, start with your dress – it’s the easiest since you’d probably have plenty of ideas already.

Magazine tears, or visuals, of your dream dress printed out on nice stock cards always look inspirational, as with pictures of bouquets, favour tags, and shoes. All these will form the basis of your mood board.

Start adding actual, three-dimensional details – dress fabric swatches, ribbons for your colour theme and any other items that you see as part of your wedding. In place of ribbons, you can also use your computer to create colour swatches which you then print out for the board. Do the same for fonts you want to use for your wedding stationery.

The last part of building a mood board is putting in “the mood” or the “X-factor”. Use items that add the finishing touch to your theme, like diamante buttons or crystal strands (for bling), and your wedding inspiration board is done – there for you to see and modify as you plan. Have fun!

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This article was originally published in Her World Brides March-May 2011.