WC0117.jpgFrom left: Holland rose, gloriosa, sweet william, gomphrena and kangaroo paw, from FIORE DORATO. 

Red, red rose
The red rose has long symbolised love and is a time-honoured way of saying “I love you”. What could be more suitable? A bouquet of roses on your big day will stand for the beauty and perfection of a blissful marriage.

WC0013.jpgTulips and nerine, from FERN.

The delicate tulip
The pretty tulip, for all its softness, symbolises a bold declaration of love. It also represents a deep, comforting warmth and a love that – though past the first flush of passion – is still as intense.

Oh, pretty hydrangea
A bouquet of hydrangeas expresses gratitude for a partner’s understanding, devotion and sincerity from the heart. Try a single stalk of hydrangea for a fresh, natural look, or mix it with other flowers for a touch of the unexpected.

WC0039.jpgHydrangea (on cabinet), from GREEN POINT FLOWERS. Agapanthus and eustoma, from FERN.

Lily of the nile
Botanically known as agapanthus, this bell-shaped flower adds texture to a bouquet. It denotes the intense passion of a secret love, midnight rendezvous and love letters. Mix it with other blooms that are meaningful to you to represent the earlier days of your courtship.

WC0063.jpgEustoma, viburnum and phalaenopsis, from GREEN POINT FLOWERS.

The friendly eustoma
Also known as lisianthus, this bloom communicates charisma and congeniality. A bunch together signifies how much you appreciate your partner’s outgoing personality.

WC0069.jpgRose, eustoma and mini rose spray, from GREEN POINT FLOWERS.

The gentle pink rose
Often given away to convey admiration, appreciation, as well as happiness. A range of pinks within the bouquet spell romance and light-heartedness – perfect as a girlish foil to the red rose.

This article was first featured in Her World Brides December 2008 – February 2009.