We wouldn’t, if it were up to us. But we’re not stopping you if that’s your thing! If you want to feel like a million bucks literally on your big day, you may consider Lebanese designer Walid Atallah’s very expensive creation made from silk faille and tulle embellished with pearls and real diamonds.

Photo: Walid Atallah

The dress was created in an attempt to break the Guiness World Record for the most valuable wedding dress. While his dream is not to be (he was bested by current title holder, a $12 million creation by jeweller Martin Katz and dressmaker Renee Strauss), we’re sure his creation will make many a bride really happy (if she is willing to pay top dollar for it).

The man himself agrees: “Every bride deserves to get her princess fantasy representation met on her very special day and in a modern world where weddings have become more than just a parade each bride wants to exude the impression of an otherworldly goddess.”