PHOTO: Kelly Fan/Studiokel

When choosing flowers for your wedding, it’s important to take note which ones may or may not work. For instance, some wilt easily, especially in our tropical climate, and others may not smell as pleasant as you expect.

Lilies are beautiful but deceptively dangerous in your bouquet as they are full of pollen-antlers. Once the brown pollen stains your gown, it’ll be a nightmare to get off! Be sure to have your florist trim off all lily anthers before handing your bouquet to you.

Anemones come with a stunning black pistil that should never be removed, but you may leave a trail of black pollen everywhere if you’re not careful. A good tip to recommend to your florist (or to take note of, if you’re DIY-ing your bouquet), is to spray hairspray over the pistil to prevent the pollen from spilling out.

Baby’s Breath
These are traditionally used in arrangements as fillers, but have been getting popular with brides to be used as a cluster or on its own. While that might add a rustic touch to the decor, baby’s breath are not the most pleasant smelling flowers, so feel free to mix them up with scented candles or other fresh flowers.

These need to be kept in water all the time, so if it is one of your favourite flowers, consider using it as part of your decorations or centrepieces instead of having them in your bouquet, to ensure they stay fresh throughout the day.

One of the most popular flowers amongst brides, they are highly seasonal, too. If you’re one of the lucky brides who managed to snag some for your wedding, note that peonies bloom very rapidly in our warm weather and petals shed very quickly once they are bloomed. So take extra care to make sure you’re not leaving a trail of petals wherever you go, if you’re carrying them in your bouquet!

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