Looking at the wedding pictures in this album, it seems that the couple trusted their photographer wholeheartedly to do a good job. I cannot imagine anyone approving any of the pictures featured! It’s possible they didn’t get to see the pictures until it was finished; if they did see the test snaps after each location shoot, they would have noticed how terrible the pictures looked.

In order to avoid a fiasco like this, here are some points to note:

Do your research!
It’s not good enough to vet through a photographer’s portfolio and trust him to do a good job. Couples have to do their own research as well: check out the locales that you will be going for the shoot and view pictures of the place online.

See references
If a photographer suggests a few locations for the shoot, always ask him for picture references; it would be best not to take a chance if the photographer has not shot in a particular location before unless the test shot looks great.

Check the pics
It's always good to see the first few test shots. Give the photographer time to get the angle and lighting right but once he is ready to shoot, ask to see the first snap. If there is something you don’t like about it, raise the issue up immediately. 

After he's finished shooting, check the pics again to see if there are a few options that you like. If not, let the photographer know. When shooting overseas, you wont get another chance to get a good pic at the same locale after you leave the area.

Be mindful
There’s only so much a good photographer can do if your outfit, hair and makeup's awful. You have to be mindful of how you look as well. The best bet is always to look pretty and natural – avoid glam or fashion looks if you’ve never tried them before.

Nothing too natural
The same goes for posing. Some of the most disastrous wedding pictures feature couples in their most natural, and unsightly, poses – in the midst of talking, caught unawares with a frown or standing in an awkward pose. Make sure you check with the photographer on how to pose correctly and whether your expression looks good before he snaps the picture.

Have a suitable photo theme
If you’re planning to shoot in an urban landscape, then you should get a bridal wardrobe that suit the look and feel of the place; you will look terrible out of place shooting in traditional wedding gear (like this couple did) in a city space with crowds rushing by in the background.

What’s the story
Every picture tells a story and the same goes for your wedding album. It’s not just about posing beautiful in your gorgeous gown; there has to be a "storyline" running through the entire album. This "story" will evolve during discussions with the photographer, who will determine an angle based on your personal style, likes and dislikes, and more importantly, your personalities.

The usual scenario is a "couple in love", dressed in their loveliest outfits in a romantic setting. Once the brief is discussed with the couple, the photographer should direct them during the shoot accordingly. It’s just not good enough to tell them to stand against a street railing and smile, or standing at a street corner having a serious discussion all dressed up in their wedding finery.