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Get trim thighs with these 4 easy steps!

If you’re wearing a wedding dress that shows off your legs, here are some tips to tone them so you can flaunt them on your big day! 

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1. Squats

There’s no exercise better than squats for thinner thighs. For an added challenge, include an exercise ball into your routine as shown. 

Start with five reps and work up to 12. Rest for 30 seconds, then do another set. 



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2. Lunges 

This effective three-part move will make your thigh muscles blaze. Supercharge your workout by using weights as weight training has benefits you can’t find in aerobic work - as having more muscle mass increases your resting metabolic rate. This means that you still burn calories even when you’re not doing anything! 

You can also do variations like side lunges and jump switch lunges. 



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3. Single-leg circle

The single-leg circle works your abs, hips, hamstrings, and your inner and outer thighs. 

Do 5 reps on each leg - first clockwise then counterclockwise. 


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4. Rebellion move by Julia Buckley

Here’s a move that will help firm the bum, thighs and belly. This move is especially useful before you go for a jog to help build power in your legs.