1. Agree on a budget, then stick to it.
2. Put a cap on your guest list, now.
3. Allot a fixed number of tables for parents' invites.
4. You have the perfect excuse (a limited budget) for leaving out relatives you dislike.
5. There's really no need to invite casual acquaintances or former colleagues either.
6. Don't be obliged to include friends' spouses or colleagues.
7. Chase everyone to RSVP early to minimise wastage.
8. You don't have to pay through your nose to have your invitation cards custom-designed. Get a creative friend to design something for you. The result may be even more meaningful because your friend knows you better.
9. If your friends are Net-savvy, send out e-invites or develop your own wedding website instead. This saves you printing and postage charges.
10. If you must have printed invites, don't labour over the paper. The fancier the paper, the more expensive it is.

This article was first published in Her World Brides Sept - Nov 2003.