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Outdoor wedding? 7 style tips to note

From the fabric to the shape of your gown, here's what to take into consideration.

Image: Her World Brides 


#1 Think light and slim 

Our advice for outdoor weddings, especially in a hot tropical climate, is really to opt for lightweight and slimmer silhouettes. Also consider short frocks or separates.

Image: Rimearodaky/Instagram

But if you must have a ballgown for the ceremony, consider an airy tulle overskirt that you can remove afterwards. Another alternative for a more dramatic look - a peplum. It also helps in balancing broad shoulders and narrow hips. 


#2 Do away with thick, heavy fabrics 

Image: TrinityBridal/Instagram

Skip the heavy duchess satin or layers of jacquard that'll have you getting hot and bothered. 

You'll likely be perspiring too, so choose lightweight, airy fabrics like chiffon, tulle or delicate lace. Check out our handy guide to fabrics for an outdoor wedding, here


#3 Wear colour!

Think beyond white! There's nothing like an outdoor fete to experiment with a coloured bridal look.

For the romantic bride, pastels are a great and dreamy option. Feeling bolder? Consider prints or colourful floral embroidery! 

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#4 Not too sheer

Sheer's hot for weddings now.

But keep in mind, that when the sunlight or the camera's flash hits, your gown doesn't show what you want to keep hidden - like your undergarments. 


#5 Tress chic 

Chances are, there's going to be a breeze at that sunny seaside wedding or garden wedding you're planning.

Consider a hairstyle that'll stay put like braided dos and use extra bobby pins or simply opt for loose tousled tresses that'll look effortless and modern. 

Image: RimeArodaky/Instagram


#6 Make me gorgeous!

We have nothing against dramatic makeup, but if you're tying the knot outdoors, more product can will increase the likelihood of smudging.

Instead, consider a more natural look - tightlining your peepers, a coating of water-proof mascara and a soft wash of blush can look stunning too. 

Three words you have to remember: Primer, sweat-proof, and sebum-control.


#7 Best foot forward

If you've specially bought a gorgeous pair of heels for the big day, the last thing you want is your precious footwear sinking into the soil or sand.

Get yourself a pair of heel stoppers that you can affix to, or simply opt for wedges that gives you the height and the comfort.