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Not losing weight in time for your wedding? This could be why

These lifestyle habits could be hindering your weight loss goals.

Cut calories and hit the gym lots but just can’t seem to shed the extra weight? It’s time to look into these lifestyle habits that could be hindering your weight loss.


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#1 Not getting enough sleep 

Not getting the recommended seven to nine hours each day can contribute to the slowing of your metabolism. Insufficient sleep can also have an impact on insulin sensitivity, which has been linked to craving for more sugary foods. 


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#2 Eating processed foods 

Processed foods contain high amounts of sodium, sugar and other additives which interfere with the natural fat burning process of the body. The high sugar content of such foods interferes with the fat burning enzyme, lipase, which then slows down the metabolism rate.


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#3 Lack of iron 

Eating food rich in iron is especially important to boost metabolism in women. Iron is an essential mineral that transports oxygen to our muscles to burn fat. But women lose iron during menstruation each month. The lack of iron in your diet can lead to fatigue, loss of apetite and a slowdown in your metabolism rate.


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#4 Staying away from caffeine

While it is counterproductive to drink coffee by the cups, a small amount of caffeine has been proven to to boost your metabolism. Around 150 mg of caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, which then leads to an increase of your metabolism rate.

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#5 Not eating in the morning 

Breakfast jump starts your metabolism and tells your body it's time to get up and go. If you skip breakfast, you tend to overeat later in the day and can feel more tired throughout the day, too. 


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#6 Eating foods that don't do anything for your body 

Instead of snacking on chips and other foods that barely add to your nutrient count, snack on things like fresh fruit and yoghurt instead. Eating foods high in nutrition helps your metabolism work more efficiently.


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#7 Not drinking enough water

Our bodies are made up of approximately 55 to 65 per cent water, so if you're not drinking enough of it, your body won't be functioning at its optimal level. 


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#8 You don't exercise enough

Whether it's walking for 30 minutes straight or simply climbing the stairs to get home, these little things could help boost your metabolism. A sedentary lifestyle encourages your metabolism to relax instead of working harder so make it a point to get in some exercise.

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#9 You think not eating is a great way to lose weight 

We know it seems counterintuitive but not eating enough can actually cause you to gain weight. Eating enough protein and other nutrients can help regulate the chemical reactions in your body and encourage your metabolism to work harder.

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#10 You eat too much artificial sweeteners 

Eating artificial sweeteners means introducing artificial chemicals into your body, altering your tummy's microbiome makeup. Instead, opt for natural sweeteners like manuka honey.


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