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They do say birds of a feather flock together. If his best mates are running around wooing women all over town, chances are his mates and him have that in common.

They feel like they’re a winner with you
Faithful men report to feeling like they know their partners well, and how to please them. If he already feels like a winner with you, there’s no point settling for runner up elsewhere, is there? Read our 8 easy relationship rules to live by.

They aren’t above complaining or whining
Faithful people are typically more open to expressing themselves. Whether it’s a bad day at work or saying that they need a bit more space from the relationship, a keeper will tell you about it. Guys who keep things to themselves and holds it all in will eventually find an outlet someplace else.

They aren’t afraid of an occasional DMC (deep meaningful conversation)
It’s not science but faithful individuals are often more expressive when it comes to what monogamy means. If you’ve had deep meaningful conversations about life, relationships and monogamy early on in the relationship, then he’s probably not one to stray. See also, our 10 tips to making your relationship work

They deal with conflict head on
Road bumps and squabbles are bound to pop up in any relationship, but it’s how you handle them that counts. Good long term partners will be able to acknowledge their feelings and express them constructively instead of destructively (read our 4 things that will kill your relationship). Basically, he’ll be more likely to talk things out while holding his grudge aside rather than hook up with some random at a bar to prove a point. Here are 3 ways to resolve disagreements in a marriage

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