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At first glance, statistics about sex in Singapore are not encouraging.

The Society of Men’s Health Singapore asked 300 people aged over 25 about their sex lives. A third said they had sex less than once a month. Admittedly, this poll mostly featured people aged over 41. But  The Durex Global Sex Survey  isn’t much more encouraging. Apparently younger Singaporeans get it on 120 times a year –  less than any other country in the world.

But now science is giving us some good news.

You don’t need to have sex every night – having sex just once a week is enough to increase your happiness and wellbeing.

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The University of Toronto polled over 30 thousand single and married people. They discovered that people who had sex once a week also reported an increase in feelings of wellbeing and happiness. But having sex more than once a week did not increase wellbeing – if those people were also married or in a relationship. The study Sexual Frequency Predicts Greater Wellbeing. But More Is Not Always Better was published in the scientific journal Social Psychology and Personality Science.

It explains, “The media often promotes – and research often supports – the claim that the more sex you have, the happier you will feel. But we demonstrate the association between sexual frequency and wellbeing is described by a curvilinear (as opposed to a linear) association, where sex is no longer associated with wellbeing at a frequency of more than once a week.”

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The bottom line: make time for regular sex in your relationship. But if you’re too tired in the middle of a busy working week… don’t let it stress you out. Because a happy relationship is about so much more than sex – hanging out, snuggling on the sofa or laughing over stupid memes together can also boost your feelings of joy.

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