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How much ang bao to give to your wedding helpers and vendors

Our guide on how much ang bao to give your wedding helpers and vendors in 2018 so that you don’t get caught unawares during your wedding day!

Image: From Sher Yan & Mark's wedding at Royal China, captured by A Little Moment Photography

We often get asked this question – how much should you give to your helpers and vendors?

The answer: It’s relative – some brides give more because they can afford to while others are more modest. It’s also important to prepare a ready stack of red packets, so you don’t end up getting flustered on your big day, especially when you already have other things to worry about!

Here’s a general guide to help.

1. Main wedding coordinator: $68 to $108 or more (depending on how much he or she has done)

2. Maid of Honour and Best Man: $68 to $250 each (depending on how much he or she has done, and what you're paying for)

3. Bridesmaids and groomsmen: $48 to $150 each (depending on whether you're paying for their outfits, and again, what their duties entail)

4. Flower girl and page boy: $28 to $48 each

5. Ushers: $18 to $28 each

6. Drivers: $48 to $68 each

7. Officiant or celebrant: $88 to $588

8. Emcee: $48 to $68

9. Hair and makeup artist, photographer and videography: $108 to $208 each (if they are friends or relatives), $38 to $68 each (if they are vendors)

10. Hotel coordinator: $50

11. Banquet manager: $38

12. Other miscellaneous helpers: $18 to $28 each (depending on their roles)

Again, do note that these prices are just guidelines, and that you should only give what you are comfortable with as there's no standard practice or rates. 

This article was first published in Her World Brides 2004, and has been updated in 2018.