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EXPERT ADVICE: 6 fashion and beauty wedding tips

From sweaty armpits to dress disagreements, read on to prevent an epic bridal meltdown on your big day and/or before.


My future mother-in-law and I have very different tastes. How do i make sure we won't end up disagreeing over my wedding dress choice?
This is just the beginning of a lifetime of compromise between you two. Even if you should know what you want, you should be able to survive a day of dress-browsing with your future mother-in-law. Make it clear, though, that it's a "just-looking" outing and that you don't intend to buy a dress that day. This way, the pressure is off.

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If she points out styles that you don't like, avoid a confrontation with a non-committal "I'll think about it" You can also ask a close friend to join you. A third party can calm awkward situations as most people won't argue in front of an audience. But keep an open mind, your mum-in-law may just want to get to know you and not really "help" you decide on the dress.

I know I'll cry on my wedding day, but waterproof mascara clumps. Can I get away with long wearing mascara?
Not when the waterworks start. Waterproof mascaras contain colour-binding ingredient that long-wearing formulas don't have. To avoid clumps, separate lashes with a lash comb, apply mascara, then comb again.

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I want my wedding to be a dressy do, but I'm afraid that some people won't come to a black-tie.
Most guests should oblige if you let them know early. Call friends and prep them to get into the mood for a dressy affair. However, if you feel men won't come in a tux, you can always put a black-tie option in the invite. They should understand this to be a tux or a dark suit option.

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Wedding nerves have gone to my armpits, and my regular deodorant isn't working. Help!
Try borrowing your fiance's antiperspirant! Antiperspirants for men tend to be stronger, and some contain the ingredient aluminium zirconium, which "plugs up" the sweat ducts under your arms.

How can I make sure my dry lips look luscious on my big day?
Lips have less layers of skin cells than elsewhere on the body, so they are sensitive to dehydration. Drink plenty of water, avoid harsh sunlight and eat a healthy diet. Licking dry lips seems to offer relief, but when the moisture evaporates your lips will feel drier. Use a concentrated lip product such as Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour stick which is full of vitamin E. Avoid matte or transfer-proof lipsticks — they're too dry for you.

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Are non-white dresses appropriate for first marriages?
Why not? The white wedding dress only came into fashion in the 1840s after Queen Victoria wore a white gown for her marriage to Prince Albert. Before this, brides had simply worn their best dresses — in all sorts of colours — on their wedding day! While white and cream have become the standard, it is all right for a first time bride to deviate.

If you choose a non-white wedding dress, distinguish yourself from your bridesmaids, especially if they are wearing similar colours. For example, you might want to carry an all-white bouquet if your bridesmaids are carrying colourful posies.

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This article was first featured in Her World Brides Mar - May 2003.