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Help her with the list of things she needs
If she's overwhelmed, step in and look for guide books, magazines, or even wedding blogs, and print out a copy for her to check. Having a list (like this 12 month essential wedding checklist!) to cross tasks out may help get things organised, and it's usually easier to keep track as you move along. 

Be supportive!
Planning a wedding can get really stressful, and that's an understatement for those who are undertaking that task without the help of a professional. As a friend, negative remarks are quite unnecessary, even if you disagree with her colour choices, taste in centrepieces, and so on. She doesn't need that added drama, and unless you're going to offer constructive comments, others are quite unnecessary.

Offer help!
Don't just ask if she needs help. Instead, come up with a list of things you can contribute to (like the bridal shower, picking flowers, decorations, stationery, getting the bridesmaids together to decide their dresses and so on), and ask if she requires help in these areas.

Be available when needed
Being a bridesmaid doesn't just mean you waltz down the aisle before (or after, depending on which tradition you follow) the bride. It also entails time (and possibly monetary) commitments. These include: going dress shopping with her (for her gown or for the bridesmaids' dresses), or planning a bachelorette party for her (see our editor's tips here!), and be there when you've set a date.

Organise her engagement or bachelorette party!
Being a bride-to-be is a momentous occasion that should be celebrated. Gather your fellow bridesmaids and help plan one without having to be asked (cop ideas here).