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Even if you’ve got a small-ish budget, there’s no reason to have a lovely Pin-worthy wedding that might get repinned by other brides as inspiration. Here, our top tips.

1. Hire a good photographer
There’s no point in trying to make your wedding look good with a subpar photographer – everything won’t turn out well in photos. The reverse is true. Even if you’ve got a plain concept, hiring a good professional photographer will make everything look good for the album. And that’s what you want, since you’ll be reliving most of your memories from your photos. Here’s how much a professional photographer will cost.

2. Look for a venue that already looks good
This way you’ll get to save on decor, and guests will already be impressed by the existing ones in your venue. Win-win. Here, cool venues that are more affordable than a hotel weddingresort-like venues in Singapore, hotels with romantic ballrooms, glamorous ballrooms, and stunning gardens.

3. Look for a less popular venue
This means hotels or restaurants that aren’t located in town, or don’t come with an established brand name. 

4. Hold it at home
If you or your groom have got a large family home, consider having it there. Of course, it will also mean you’ll have to prepare to cut down on your guest list, and prepare most things to-hand such as catering, mobile toilets, alcohol, linen, and so on. See these tips to having an outdoor celebration here.

5. Include plenty of colour in your colour theme
This helps give the impression that there are a lot of elements in your wedding, but in truth, all it takes is a clever colour accent to brighten things up. Things like coloured cocktails, pretty table runners, and so on adds visual interest, and would make for pretty pictures on guests’ Instagram pages.

6. Share your boards with your vendors and friends
So they’ll be on the same page when it comes to the ideas and vision you have for your wedding.

7. Affordable stationery
I’m talking about pretty invitations for less (if you’re having a wedding at a hotel, you’ll be getting most of them for free already. If not, look to sites like VistaPrint, Paperless Post or WeddingPaperDivas.), that will still look good in pictures.

8. Simple centrepieces
Skip the towering ones (they never made for good conversation anyway), and opt for small, simple flower arrangements so your guests can see each other from across the table. Otherwise, consider a group of candles or tealights in jars. Candlelight always makes everything (even people) look better anyway. Check out how else you can save on your wedding decor without looking cheap. 

9. Fillers and foliage
Have a few standout flowers and have your florist fill the rest of the bouquet and centrepieces in with fillers and foliage that’ll still make an impact. See clever ideas here.