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7 questions to ask your wedding cake baker

Steve Thio, Contributing Editor of Her World Brides and Female Brides, give tips on what to look out for when choosing your wedding cake baker.

Photo: @cakebyannie

How long does it take to create the cake?
Depending on size, flavor and design of the cake, bakers will decide how long it will take to source for the right ingredients and to create the details that you want. 

What cake ‘size’ is needed to serve the number of guests you invited
Rule of the thumb - three tiers of cake will serve about 60 to 100 guests (and this depends on how big your slices are!). Five tiers will be needed for about 200 guests.

What flavors are available?
Some bakers offer limited filling flavors for their wedding cakes.  You may have to work with other bakers if you have a particular filling flavor you prefer.

Do they work with fondant or buttercream or both?
Fondant gives a particularly smooth and ‘perfect’ finish to your cakes while buttercream is more ‘creamy’ looking (but it tastes better!). Some bakers and cake shops choose only to work either with fondant or buttercream so its best to check.  You can frost the cake with buttercream first and then lay the fondant over it for a more beautiful finish. If you’re not clear of the difference between fondant and buttecream, you can ask the bakers to show you examples.

What kind of details do they specialize in?
Some bakers create the most beautiful floral details while others specialize in intricate lace patterns. Not every baker is great at creating all kinds of detail and trims; reference past work and pick the decoration that you like. If they don’t have what you like, it’s best to find another baker who can create the look and decoration you prefer. Do note that these hand crafted details and decorations will cost more.

Can they work with fresh flowers and fruits?
Using fresh flowers and fruits is a cheaper option to having the baker create fondant flowers or decoration by hand. If you have a particular floral theme in mind for your wedding, check with the baker if they have any issue working with with your florist.

Will they deliver the cake? Will they provide cake stands?
Confirm the misc details and costs with the baker when you first place your order. These may also include cake storage details (especially if you’re planning a outdoor weddng!), payment details etc.