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6 ways to recreate the romance and excitement of your wedding day

Whether on your anniversary, or on any other day, here's how to spark romance and relive the joy of your special day over and over again.

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1. Look through your wedding album and rewatch your wedding video
One of the fastest ways to have all the memories flooding back, is to flip through tangible memories like your photos and your video. (See a list of must-have photos for your photographer to take here.)

Lest you fulfil the stereotype of the crazy bride celebrating every anniversary in pajamas lounging on your couch with a pint of ice cream in hand, crying every time you rewatch a clip of your vows, make this an occasion to celebrate with your husband. Think fancy dinner (or as fancy as it gets when you're both eating in front of the TV), or plan for something romantic after.

2. Have lunch or dinner at the venue you got married in
Whether you tied the knot in a hotel ballroom, restaurant, or park, there will be ways to recreate the setting. For hotel weddings, see if the venue has a restaurant where you can head to. If you tied the knot in a park, check out nearby restaurants which oversee the area where you walked down the aisle, and reminisce about the beautiful day once again.

3. Wear something you wore during your wedding day
If you're a Singaporean bride, chances are, you'd probably have already returned your rental gown to the bridal salon soon after your celebrations. But if you wore something you purchased (whether from a couturier, salon or from the store), that's fine too. The point is to feel like a bride again without looking like poor Miss Havisham from Great Expectations.

4. Replay your song and ask your husband for a dance
Save this for a secluded spot on the beach or at home though. See also: things to know about your first dancesongs to play at your banquet, and modern love songs for your first dance.

5. Hang out with your wedding party
Recreate the excitement of your hen's and stag night with your best pals (together this time and without the raunchy business), and paint the town red!

6. Gather your souvenirs
If you haven't already made a memento of your souvenirs - such as your invitations, pressed flowers from your bouquet or boutonniere, your vows, a scrap of fabric from your dress (if you can), your accessories, and so on, now would be a great time to do so. Put them together in a scrapbook or shadow box (the latter is better if you're looking to display it in your living room or bedroom), so you'll be reminded of one of the happiest days of your lives, whenever you look at it.