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7 tips for great honeymoon sex

Don’t just focus on the big night itself; great sex happens if you get your priorities right. Here are 7 points to note if you want a truly memorable honeymoon

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#1 Think post-honeymoon night sex if you’re too tired
After a whole day of excitement and non-stop activities, it's no surprise that couples will be too tired to have sex on their honeymoon night. So even if you may have great expectations for an unforgettable, hot honeymoon night, don’t stress over it if you end up dead tired and snoozing away instead. Forget the pressure to perform, get a good rest and have great morning sex instead! 


#2 Go with the flow
You may have everything planned out for your big night: what to wear, what music to play and getting the venue just perfect. But the unexpected always happens so don’t get all upset and frustrated if things don’t go your way. Have an understanding with your partner that whatever happens, what matters is that you guys will enjoy each other’s company and loving intimacy. Go with the flow and focus on what important; the rest is just dressing up for the main event.


#3 For great sex, chill!
After your tiring wedding prep followed by hectic wedding celebrations, the last thing you need is a honeymoon getaway that is packed with more activities! The stress of keeping up with your travel plans and schedules after your wedding will have tired out. So if you want to have a pleasurable and romantic session with your newly minted spouse, schedule at least a couple of days meant for total relaxation. Leave plenty of time and space for to spend quality time together or consider easy, breezy honeymoons at a resort where you have all the time in the world to indulge in each other. Also do things that are pleasurable for each other - like hot baths together, massaging each other, or drawn out make-out sessions.




#4 Participate actively!
Remember: great sex requires two hands to clap! So don’t expect your partner to do all the work and expect him/her to press all the right buttons for you. You need to be an active participant to get the most out of the session. Give and receive!



#5 Great honeymoon sex is because….
Fantastic sex is more than acrobatic physical activity and sizzling chemistry; it can come about also because of the deeper emotional bond you experience after tying the knot as husband and wife. The emotional aspect of sex lasts longer and makes it more memorable and meaningful that just a hot make out session. So instead of expecting a hot and wild session, place the emphasis on intimacy - try a romantic and loving experience that will create a closer and more intimate bond instead.



#6 Get familiar
It takes time, and practice, for you to know what your other half finds pleasurable. So if you’re having sex for the first time on your honeymoon night, take your time to find out more about each other’s likes and dislikes before that; it’s all about learning more about each other sexually and intimately. You can talk and share what your expectations and preferences are. And don’t only talk about the honeymoon night; discuss about your future sex life and how you guys can maintain the intimate spark in your marriage for years to come.


#7 Don't be afraid to try something new

There's just something about the excitement of vacations that can let your inhibitions slide away. We're not talking crazy over-the-top moves (unless you're both into it), but it never hurts to do a little experimenting... #justsaying.