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In Singapore, everyone works that bit harder – whether for a better life, or just to make ends meet. This will in turn take a toll on our relationships with your partner.

Cindy Leong of Relationship Studio shares five simple steps to keep that fire burning bright.

1. Date Each Other Again
Remember the butterflies in the stomach you had before that first date? Or wondering if you’re doing enough to keep him interested? Instead of settling into a state of comfort, recall the time when you were on the verge of becoming a couple, and how happy you felt during your few first months into the relationship. Go back to the fundamentals of what attracted you in the first place. Revisit your favourite restaurants and other dating spots. Relive the time where you both knew you were mutually interested. This exercise will help you grow stronger as a couple by remembering your past, and look forward to the future where more of such wonderful memories will take place.

2. Introduce excitement
Keep things fresh and exciting; be open to try new things and look out for new activities to do together and places to go. Plan short trips together alone, try a new hobby together, or even new things in the bedroom.

3. Commit acts of love
First, you’ll have to find out what each other’s love languages are. “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate” by Gary Chapman, details how we all have a tendency to be comfortable with expressing particular love languages and a preference to receive specific ones as well. Whether it’s words of affirmation, acts of service, giving gifts, spending quality time or physical touch, expressing affection with your partner’s preferred love language will help bring across your emotions in the most effective way possible. At times, you may have to step out of your comfort zone to cater to his or her love language. He or she will come to appreciate the sentiment and know that you care.

4. Get Creative
Find new and innovative ways to keep the relationship alive. That’s not to say flowers or chocolates don’t work. If it’s not a frequent thing in your relationship, shake things up with a little surprise out of the blue. Alternatively, you can consider romantic “hunts”, such as sticking post-its around the house to get your partner looking for his or her surprise. Expensive gestures aren’t necessary all the time. When you’re both busy at work, a simple home-cooked dinner will do. All it takes is a bit of effort and creativity on your part.

5. Be mischievous
A prank or a trick will help spice things up, especially if they tickle your other half. Or, sexting during the day will show that you can’t wait to get home for something extraordinary.

The key message here, is to do things out of love and take nothing for granted. With these tips, keeping your relationship alive will be as easy as counting to three.

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Cindy Leong is the Dating and Relationship Coach, and Wedding Planner of Relationship Studio. She conducts personal appointments, as well as workshops for couples. For more information on her work, you can go, or e-mail