5 things newlyweds waste money on without realising it

Yes, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasions but do newlyweds need to get in debt for their big day? Steve Thio, Contributing Editor of Her World Brides and female brides, lists down 5 things couples waste money on.


1. Hundreds of wedding pictures
We know you would want as many pictures of your wedding as a keepsake for the biggest day of your life. But do you really need that many? I have gone through wedding albums and by the fifth page, everything suddenly becomes a blur. You don't really need five different angles of the same pose against the same backdrop. And you don't need a picture at every single location or place you went to for your pre-wedding shoot. Edit, edit edit and create a more cohesive album of interesting, varied pictures.

2. Additional dessert buffets
The novelty of customised dessert buffets caught on few years ago and somehow it hasn't died down. If you already have a reception or dinner package that includes a dessert dish as part of the menu, there really is no need for an additional dessert buffet station. After all, how much dessert can one have after a 10-course wedding dinner? 

3. Neglected favors
I have been to many wedding dinners where guests give away their favors to other guests! Meant as a token of appreciation, favors are a waste of money if no one appreciates them - not everyone is going to like a cutsey ornament or novelty key ring. I find the best 'favours' are slices of the wedding cake or an edible dessert you can bring home for your family. If you can cut away the favor component in your wedding package and save money, do it!

4. Unnecessary stationery
With social media, there really is no need for many pieces of printed wedding stationery. A formal wedding invite is still a must but RSVP cards, and even mini maps to your wedding location, is really not necessary. Use Facebook, e-mail, or even a personal dedicated site for your wedding details to handle all the other information.

There is also no need for separate invite cards for different events that’s happening on your wedding day. Have all the details listed in one well-designed card.

5. Too many flowers
Flowers can actually form the biggest expense for your wedding budget, especially if you want certain blooms that have to be imported from overseas. To have the wedding theme of your dreams, you don't really need to have too many flowers (unless of course you can afford it!). 

Be strategic about your floral decor and you can save quite a bit. Instead of every table having grand floral centrepieces, have a few statement displays arranged on some tables throughout the ballroom; the rest of the tables can have mini version of the same display theme. 

You can use silk or fabric flowers for your hanging displays, floral arch or stage backdrop. These would be easier to handle and you wont have to worry about droopy, wilting blooms.

Using a single flower in the same colour can create the same, if not more, impact then a cluster of flowers in different hues. You always need more flowers for a balanced effect with multi-coloured arrangements.

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