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5 things to know before sending out your wedding invitations

From the order of inserts (if you have more than one card), to postage queries, these are the things you'll need to know when popping your precious packages in the mail.

Card from Pearlyn and Paper. House wooden board, from Homestolife. Photo: Her World Brides December 2015.

1. The number of envelopes and cards you'll need
Okay, so this point isn't strictly about sending your cards out, but it's actually for when you're purchasing supplies before ordering them. When counting the number of invitations for your guests, do note that you don't actually need 200 invitations for all 200 guests. Factor in the number of households, and the number of couples or plus ones, since you'll only have to send one to each pair or family.

2. Address your invitations properly
Wording them properly, and addressing them to the individuals you're inviting is so important, in case anything happens. This will also prevent any guest from inviting any other plus one, should his or her partner be unable to make it to your wedding.

3. Order of inserts
If you've got more than one card (which we wouldn't really recommend if you're on a budget), the actual invite (which should be the largest piece of paper), goes below. Then, stack the rest of your inserts on top, in order of size.

4. RSVP cards
You'll have to include postage on your RSVP envelopes or postcard, if you're extending this option to your guests. Although, a cost-saving tip, would be to just send them to your elderly relatives, and have your younger, or more tech-savvy ones, respond through your website or designated e-mail address. Set a deadline for your RSVPs - two to three weeks before your big day is a safe bet. Any later, and you'll have to start giving those latecomers a call to confirm your headcount.

5. Postage rates
When coming up with your invites, keep in mind the weight and size of it, as that'll affect your postage cost per envelope. Do also consider sizes - it's generally cheaper for standard sizes than non-standard ones (see the size guide for Singpost, here). Do note that your invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks before your wedding to allow your guests to clear their schedules or make travel arrangements if they don't live here.

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