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3 ways to ensure you get the best from your wedding packages

Steve Thio, Contributing Editor for Her World Brides and Female Brides is still surprised that some brides get caught out by wedding packages with unfavourable terms and conditions. 

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A bride lost her outdoor wedding photography package deposit of $500 when her photographer refused to shoot outdoors due to the haze and ruled out other options and alternatives. Steve Thio, Contributing editor of Her World Brides and Her World Brides Luxe highlights ways to get the best terms for your packages.

Get what you like

Avoid any contract that has harsh and rigid terms and conditions - no matter how attractively priced they are.  Most wedding vendors offer very affordable wedding packages with the aim of make more money by getting their customers to upgrade their packages.  In the end you may actually end up paying more than a good, premium package from a more reputable wedding vendor! So make sure the package you sign for is what you you like and prefer. You should not be upgrading if you're happy with the wedding package in the first place.

Favourable terms

So I had a friend who paid the deposit for a wedding shoot (which she was hoping to be done before her wedding date in December) which was delayed by the photographer because of the haze! She suggested shooting indoors which he rejected because she signed for the outdoor wedding photo package. He even had the cheek to insist that the couple had to work with his schedule and timeline as he had a lot of shoots to complete if the haze cleared.

Lesson to learn - always make sure you get terms that favour you.  The terms should be flexible and allows you to make changes in case of unexpected situations.  Terms should also stipulate that if the wedding vendor is unable to fulfil his side of the contract within a certain time frame, then the full deposit should be refunded.  Do not commit to any contract or package without having the flexibility to opt out of unfair and unfavourable terms.


Know what is available 

The package you sign up for entitles you to a certain range of services and merchandise at that price.  Be very clear you know what is available for the package you sign for.  Some vendors may show you a gorgeous dress to entice you to sign the package but the dress may only be available for customers who sign up for a pricier package. So always check what are the gowns, flowers and services and merchandise you are entitled to for your package. Don't even consider putting in a deposit until you are sure that you can find something you like.