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21 tips we got from Angelababy's bridal beauty look

Having seen her makeup-free face, Steve Thio, Contributing Editor for Her World Brides and Female Brides, is impressed by Angelababy's bridal look, which was radiant and lovely! Here are some essential points to note if brides wish to duplicate that look.

Photos: First and third from top, the couple's pre-wedding portraits; second, top row, Angelababy's campaign picture from Coach; middle image, doctor's verdict on Angelababy's plastic surgery rumours; bottom first and third images, from the couple's wedding here and here; centre image at the bottom, when the model/actress was in Singapore with Korean band TVXQ to attend the grand opening of the Shilla Duty Free Store at Changi Airport.

So Angelababy has sued a Chinese plastic surgery clinic for claiming that she had undergone plastic surgery – apparently she hasnt. To prove that she did not, she underwent a medical examination and even had an X-ray of her face done! (More on the story here.)

When we saw a picture of her makeup-free face, we saw a simple, next-door pretty girl – nothing at all like the radiant and gorgeous bride on her wedding day. Great makeup can truly transform a simple plain girl to a gilded bride – here are some tips and tricks we can learn from Angelababy's bridal beauty look.

Light Lashes
Even with her beautifully shaped double lidded eyes, the features that stood out when her face wasn't made up were Angelbaby's flawless complexion and fully, pouty lips. But for a bride to look absolutely captivating, and to emote joy in her wedding portraits, you need gorgeous eyes!

- You dont need heavy false lashes or tons of eye shadow colour or glitter to draw attention to your eyes.

- To enlarge Asian eyes, just draw a thin liner above the eye (dont stretch the liner too long!) and attach a set of natural looking lashes that lengthen towards the end.

- Makeup maestro TG Goh also points out that the eyeliner was shaped so that her eyes looked rounder and more doe-eye, giving an innocent and more girlish look.

- Some brides think the thicker and longer false lashes the better, but they may end up with eyes that actually look smaller because the lashed are so thick and overwhelming.

Think natural and pretty; and lighter fringed lashes will be easier to endure if youre having an activity packed wedding.

- If youre lucky to have long lashes, just apply lashes of mascara and forget the falsies.

- Makeup artiste to the stars Elaine Lim also loves the look which "focuses on the eyes and brows. It's really subtle and natural makeup that makes her already beautiful features even more beautiful."

Colour me pretty
- Most brides tend to think pink for their wedding, as they're seeking that pretty, blushing bride look. But there are so many shades of pink and sometimes a peachy tone will fit your skin colour better, so don't rule out other shades that'll make you look good!

- Elaine loves the earthy pink hues that created Angelababy's pretty, "blushing bride" look. She says, "it's the perfect tone of pink for Asian skin. Bright, but nothing too bright that may look gaudy."

Even though Angelababys skin tone has a slight sallow tint, she still manages to look glowing and rosy. To complete her look, she opted for a coral pink hue for her lips that enhanced its fullness.

- Her eye shadow was a mix of pinkish, peachy hues. The area around the eyes was darkened slightly to define her lovely peepers but not too much that it looked obvious.

- The overall result again, is a natural and pretty look, with a palette of pinkish hues that was blended beautifully to enhance her features

Blend well
- I dont know who her makeup artist was but he/she did a masterful job at blending! The makeup colours sculpt her face beautifully and the darkened areas enhanced her cheekbones and eyes.

- There is also (we're guessing) a dusting of light powder with subtle shine and sheen on the highlight areas - cheekbones, middle forehead and nose bridge - to evoke that natural glow and radiance.

- Always, always pick a dusting powder and base colour that suits not only your face skin tone, but also your neck. There have been quite a few times when I have seen brides, wishing to look fair, pick a base colour that was too pale for their skin tone. The result: a face that looked much fairer than the rest of her body, including the neck; it gave the distinct and unfortunate impression that they had a white 'mask' on!

Beauty is skin deep
- More importantly, Angelababy's skin is flawless, and that is really a great foundation for any makeup.

- Both TG and Elaine highlight the fact that not much base or makeup was used to create her wedding look; a light base and powder is all you really need if you have great skin.

- As Elaine points out, brides "with great complexion can duplicate this elegant, classic look that's perfect for Asian brides - it's a look that will never date, even many years from now."

A perfect, simple style
- Always pick the right hairstyle that would enhance your feature.  In the makeup-free picture, Angelebaby had bangs that gave her a very young look; it also made her face a look a tad wider and fuller-cheek.ed The long fringe also covered her brows and did not reveal the full beauty of her eyes.

- For her wedding she cleverly opted for a simple sleek side parting that brought the focus to her face and features. As TG pointed out: 'With her hair parted, her face looks longer, slimmer and sharper."

- Pulling your hair back will always enhance your cheekbones and in her case, reveal her graceful long slim neck as well. Check out other tips for glamorous hair, easy-to-follow styles, and on prepping your hair in the links.