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15 bridal party roles and responsibilities to take note

If you're not sure what your bridal party should or should not be doing, you'll find this guide a useful one.

So we love to have our close friends, siblings and relatives as part of our bridal party, but do we really know what each one is supposed to do for your wedding? You can allocate tasks and responsibilities according to the number of people you have in your bridal party. Here's a brief overview of what each person in your bridal party is supposed to help you with:

The Chief Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour
... should be someone who is organised and efficient and able to muli-task. She will be involved in the wedding planning before the big day so she should be someone who is close to you and is totally invested in helping you plan and prep for your wedding

  • Her main role is to organise the hen party and to oversee the rest of the bridesmaids and flower girls. 
  • She should be the one helping you with your dress train, and attend to your personal needs during the wedding.
  • She will help you with all the logistics and tasks on the wedding itself so you wont have to worry about anything.


The Best Man
... should be someone like the Chief Bridesmaid. He will organise the stag party and handle all the needs of the groom during the wedding. 

  • He will be helping the groom with his wedding prep and planning, and usually he's the guy who chauffeurs the couple around during the wedding.
  • He will attend the suit fittings with the groom as well.  
  • He is tasked to give a toast and speech to the couple during the reception and dinner.
  • He keeps the rings for the groom before the solemnisation ceremony, and passes them to the groom at the right time.
  • At times, he may have to assume the role of a "bouncer" if the need arises during the festivities.

The Bridesmaid
... should be someone who is responsible, and sociable as well. She is chosen because you recognise her as a good friend, relative or someone close to you; she will also help you prep for wedding. She should be someone who can get along with the other bridesmaids in your wedding party.

  • The bridesmaid will help the Chief Bridesmaid in some of the tasks. She should be delegated responsibilities that she is good at.
  • She will also handle the guest list, man the reception table and look after the ang pow box.
  • She will accompany you to your dress fittings and attend any wedding related social event before the big day (engagement party, bridal shower, dress rehearsal etc).


The Groomsman
... should be a close friend or relative, quite like the bridesmaid is to the bride. He should be sociable and be able to help the groom with his wedding tasks before and on the actual day.  He should assist the Best Man in his duties as well.

  • He should help with the logistics on the actual day itself and be prepared to handle  bigger tasks that requires more time and effort (i.e. collecting the wedding bands the groom left behind at his house or shifting of wedding props and decor).
  • Help plan the stag party with the Best Man.
  • Responsible for ushering the guests at the solemnisation venue as well as the reception and dinner.
  • Help organise and oversee the guests list and seating plan.