Modern wedding veils for brides-to-be

1. Is it bad luck for second-time brides to wear a veil?
If you’re not superstitious, you can wear anything you want. It is however true that most second-time couples prefer not to include the usual, traditional details in their weddings.

If you do decide to wear a veil though, opt for a shorter one – shoulder-length or mid-back but not floor-length. Also, try other, modern headpieces like clips or fabric flowers. These make any hairstyle elegant.

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2. I’m taking my dress home three weeks before the wedding. How do I store it?
If possible, leave your gown at the salon until nearer your wedding since it has the proper space and conditions for storage.

If you must bring it home, take it out of the garment bag but don’t remove any stuffing that may have been placed in the sleeves, bodice or skirt.

Make sure there’s space in your wardrobe to hang the gown without it brushing the floor. If your train touches the floor, put a clean white bedsheet down and spread the train on top of it.

3. My wedding dress is a lovely ivory grey, but I cant find shoes to match it!
Your best bet would be to have a pair made. Check out shops like Leapin’ Lizard, Custom Made, or The Shoemaker’s Elf, which can help design and make the shoes for you. Another alternative that industrious brides suggests is to dye a pair of fabric shoes to a colour matching the gown. But unless you’re good with dyes, we still think it’s better to buy a ready-made pair. Consider too, heels silver in colour or with silver trims. Theses will also match the grey in your dress.

4. I’m 1.6m tall. How long should my train be, or should I even have one?
If you’re petite, stay with a short-to medium-length train. The idea length would be between 1m to 1.5m. This gives enough impact for your walk down the aisle but wont overwhelm you. 

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5. Instead of a tiara, I am wearing fresh flowers in my hair, but I have no idea what to choose or how to wear them. Any ideas?
Keep things simple and use small flowers that wont crowd the face, eg. rosebuds, and small freesias. Another tip with flowers go for those that will last well and not wilt after three hours.

It’s interesting,too, to use larger,single flowers like camelllias and roses for a Latin American feel. Its becoming popular, but take note- generally, taller girls seem better able to take this look.

This article was first published in Her World Brides March to May 2002.