Wedding Advice

8 ways to save money on your wedding favours
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Tips include knowing the right terms to search for, as well as looking out for items that aren't traditionally favours.
Gatecrashing to outfit changes: Things to cut out of your wedding to save a large amount of money
Unless you're going to miss all of these, it'll save you a serious sum of money that could go into something else, like your new home.
How to have a wedding that reflects your unique personalities perfectly
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Here, Singapore planners share their tips.
 "Do your budget first!" 10 helpful wedding prep tips from newlyweds
Where can you get the best wedding planning tips ever? From brides and grooms who've lived through their mistakes, of course!
9 little actions that make your spouse feel loved
They might seem trivial these small actions will go a long way in building a healthy and lasting marriage.
3 auspicious things to have in your bedroom for a better marriage and relationship
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Feng Shui expert Wilfred Leu dishes on the importance of the little red-lamp and where you should place your wedding photo.
What happens if your wedding planner goes missing in action? 8 tips to note
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While an irresponsible or missing wedding planner or co-ordinator is not something you'd want to face, it's best to err on the side of caution. Here are 8 things to note and some warning signs to look out for.
Real brides share tips on picking the perfect bridesmaid
Bridesmaids can sometimes make, or break, your big day. So choose them with care! These 10 brides shared with us how they decided on their bridal party.
12 clever ways to save money for your honeymoon
We're not saying you can't splurge on a luxurious honeymoon, but every little dollar counts, too. Here, clever ways to save a little.
6 sneaky ways to save on your wedding alcohol expenses
Alcohol can play a part in busting your wedding budget. Here, 6 ways to keep things under control.
7 reasons a wedding planner will save your day!
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Whether you’re a busy bride, or you’ve more time on your hands, here’s why a planner will still be most helpful when it comes to preparing for your big day.
5 steps to being a great bridesmaid
Here, a quick guide to being one of the best friends she'll ever have.