french wedding.jpgChiffon and tulle gown with pearl- and crystal-embellished straps from FRENCH WEDDING. Ostrich feather and corded lace fascinator with Swarovski crystal beading, from GIOIELLI. PHOTO: Her World Brides Sept – Nov 2014.

I’m wearing a wedding gown with a very full skirt. What’s the best way to put it on?
Get your hair and makeup done first, leaving lipstick until after the dress. Next, don your underwear, then hold the gown towards the floor, and step into it. Have someone to help you pull the dress up and zip/hook/lace/button you up.

I bought my wedding dress off-the-rack, but recently discovered that a colleague also bought the same dress! What should I do with my dress now?
Don’t worry, this isn’t as big a problem as you may think it to be. Styling makes all the difference, and your guests will be more focused on your overall look, not the specific details. Personalise your look with a different hairdo, hair accessories and flowers. Perhaps you can style the hair into a low chignon, with the veil flowing down instead of high veil. Or wear flowers in your hair for a fresher take on accessories. Whatever it is, concentrate on being happy and relaxed; and all eyes will be on you.

Where can I stash my makeup during the wedding? Nothing but my comb and lipstick will fit into my purse.
Only tote touch-up tools if you have limited space. If you can have a bigger bag, pack your essentials, and leave it with one of your bridesmaids to handle. If there are cars available, even better, leave it in the car and only take it when needed. Lastly, buy miniature makeup where possible, such as small samples of pressed powder and lipstick. Get them at beauty counters (you’ll have to purchase a product or two and ask if they can give you samples), Sasa, or those small perfume shops in the basement of Lucky Plaza which stock up on miniatures, including scents. Small in size, big on performance.

My feet don’t always smell like roses. How do I avoid grossing out my groom after having spent a full night on the dance floor?
Start by prepping your tootsies with a soak in scented water. Bath salts or a few drops of essential oil (peppermint, lavender or rose) into warm water will do the trick. Then spritz Scholl’s Odour Control Shoe Spray (available at Guardian), or sprinkle perfumed powder (Footpure Perfume Powder Puff, available at which helps prevent perspiration and you’re set. For extra help, spray a little of the deodorant or the pat the powder into your shoes before.

I am having eight flower girls on my wedding day. Where can I find pretty and potentially rewearable – but inexpensive – dresses?
One of the best ways we have found is to find an inexpensive tailor to do up the dresses. You’ll get similar styles and because of the number, may be able to get a good price (anything between $100 and $200). Alternatively, shop at stores such as Cheryl Kids Fashion (, Privikids (#02-04 Changi City Point), Gingersnaps ( and Monsoon (Metro Paragon). You can also check out the stores at Centrepoint and Forum to see if there are any sales in the designer kids shops there. Check with your salon too; they may be able to do something for you with a little top-up on your package.

I just got engaged and want to hit the bridal salons right away but my mum says that I should wait until my fiance and I decide on a site. Who’s right?
Like they say, mum knows best. As long as you have at least six months before the wedding, your dress shopping can hold. It’s best to choose a location, time of ceremony and reception, and overall look for your celebration – all these factors will affect the style of the dress you ultimately buy. For example, you may want a grand ballgown but if you settle on a poolside or garden wedding, then you will have problems moving around on the day because the dress is just too heavy or opulent for a day time wedding. Bridal salons will always be there; do some important decision-making beforehand.

This article was first published in Her World Brides Dec 2004 – Feb 2005 with updates.