The February 2015 cover of Cosmopolitan Singapore.

At Her World Brides, we’ve seen all sorts of proposals – from intimate ones at home, to show-stoppers (we’ve heard of proposals on a mountain, underwater during a diving trip, the mandatory ring in Champagne glass, and yes, Jay Chou, we’re looking at you and your fireworks in London).

But this one takes the cake.

It was quite by chance that Lester decided to propose in the February 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan Singapore.

“Cosmo was looking for a boyfriend who was planning to propose, and I was brainstorming for a way to make mine special (and hopefully unbeatable). I am grateful to have found this opportunity through a few friends, who told me about it!” 

cosmo proposal3.jpgThe Cosmo team directs Sandy to the page where Lester pops the question. All photos, unless otherwise stated, are by Alexander Ow.

The proposal took place on January 13, 2015 at the Fullerton Pavilion, and it took Lester and the Cosmo team many months of preparation and logistics (which included the team staking out the proposal venue with their video crew, to catch Sandy off-guard). 

And, in case you were wondering, the event, which was witnessed by the couple’s friends and family was a rousing success, of course.

cosmo proposal2.jpg
cosmo proposal.jpg

We spoke to Lester and Sandy in an e-mail interview after the proposal: 

Lester, we read your story, and we have to say, that is very sweet! When did the planning begin?
L: It started sometime in October last year, when I found out, and started talking to Cosmo’s Senior Features Writer, Lucy Cleeve. That was also when I started sourcing ideas and planned the logistics.

Sandy, how are you feeling now? Were you expecting this?
S: Mostly excited and very happy at the moment. I knew Lester was going to propose this year, but I didn’t expect it to come so soon! He totally caught me off guard, I’m just glad that it was a good hair day for me. 

How long have you been together for, and how did you know she was the one?
L: We got together officially on Valentine’s Day almost four years ago, and I’ve been falling deeper in love with her since. I feel we complement each other; our ideals and visions for the future are similar. But more than that, we’ve found a partner who we are willing to be committed to. We believe commitment will overcome all differences. 

What do you love best about each other?
L: I love that she is always adorable, even when she’s angry at me. It’s hard to be upset with her for a prolonged period of time!

S: I love that Lester loves my family as much as he loves me, and he smells good too!

5. The most romantic thing you’ve done for each other?
L: We’re not big on expressing romance (at least for me), and I think that this surprise is the most romantic thing I’ve done for her.

S: For me, it was during our third anniversary. I had work commitments and wasn’t able to celebrate with him. So Lester surprised me by cooking my favourite broccoli salad, and cycled all the way to my office. I was very touched.

So what’s your wedding going to be like, and when will it happen?
We are looking to hold it in 2016, but we have no fixed plans yet. It should be a fun, non-traditional celebration with unique elements, such as replacing the wedding cake with pizza! 

Grab the full story of the proposal and more in Cosmopolitan Singapore’s February 2015 issue. The digital edition, which contains the story and a video of how the proposal went, can be downloaded here: