The briny taste of sea salt on your lips. The feel of wind in your hair. The sound of waves buffeting the shore. It’s all just a hop away from the bustling city. Henry Goulding, the brand ambassador of Mangusta – from which you can order a luxury yacht – shares his favourite getaways from Singapore.

1. Pulau Pangkil

This white, sandy Indonesian private island is in very close proximity to Singapore. Rent it out for your group of friends, or family. Pangkil accommodates between ten to 30 people comfortably. Guests are catered for by over 20 staff.

2. Anambas Islands

With its incredible reefs and crystal clear waters, this small Indonesian archipelago is a hit with divers and snorkellers. These natural hidden gems are perfect for a weekend trip with a yacht.

3. Tioman Island

Another popular destination for divers – Tioman Island is known for its beautiful coral reefs that are teeming with marine life. There are plenty of secluded bays to drop your anchor and explore. Tioman is also known for its gorgeous, dense jungles and white sandy beaches.

4. Nikoi Island

This secluded paradise is situated off Bintan, and is a mere two hours away from Singapore by yacht. Aside from its stunning seafront location and eco-friendly ethos, Nikoi is also blessed with a rainforest that adds refreshing depth to your beach holiday. Nikoi is still completely unspoiled and visitors may feel like they have the whole island to themselves.

5. Pulau Joyo

Only two hours from Singapore by boat, Pulau Joyo is Riau Archipelago’s best kept secret, and makes for a luxurious escape. Kick back and experience true island life, as the attentive and friendly staff of the Pulau Joyo Resort attend to your needs.


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