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In the lead up to your big day, you may have been that busy with all the preparations that you didn’t have a moment to stop and think about how you feel. Fast forward to the wedding day itself and you find yourself a nervous wreck before walking down the aisle. Here are some top tips to calm those last-minute wedding nerves, and to help you glide to the altar with the utmost confidence and serenity.

Nerves the night before the wedding day:

When you are trying to relax and look forward to the day ahead, the last thing you want is to feel nervous the night before your wedding. To help you enjoy this last night of singledom – especially if you’re staying in your parents’ home – follow these top tips:

1. Control your adrenaline

Adrenaline can be a confusing hormone when it pumps through our bodies. It is responsible for the fight-or-flight response of the nervous system and can cause that notorious fluttery ‘butterfly’ feeling in our stomach. But learning to control it can benefit you no end. It’s similar to relaxing rather than tensing up when you’re cold – if you try to relax the stomach muscles, take deep breaths and pretend you’re in a normal situation then that fluttery feeling should subside. It’s often mind over matter.

2. Stay with your family and friends

Your nearest and dearest play a huge role in your wedding. They’re the ones who really matter and who will continue to support you through your marriage like they have done in the run-up to the big day. Instead of pushing them away when the nerves get to you, embrace them and let them in. They will want to offer you love and affection, so give into it and you’ll feel calm and relaxed.

3. Get plenty of rest

It is no doubt that you will be utterly exhausted by this point. Now that all of that preparation has come to a head it is now time for a well-deserved rest. It’s important to try and get an early night before your wedding day, so don’t stay up until the small hours doing last-minute preparation.

4. Relax

Make some time to indulge in some pre-wedding pampering. Either book yourself into a spa, pop to the local beauty salon, or enlist the help of your bridesmaids to give you a head-to-toe beauty treat. Face and hair masks at the ready, body scrubs and nail varnish to hand – you’ll feel like a new woman by the end of your pamper session. This will fill you with confidence for one, but also, it’s a great way to relax – particularly if you indulge in a massage or reflexology session.

5. Delegate

As we’ve mentioned, the night before your wedding is no time to be addressing last-minute wedding tasks. At the eleventh hour, the bride should be freed from her role as wedding planner, and any outstanding jobs that are yet to be ticked off should be delegated to one of the doting bridesmaids, or even one of the groomsmen (if you catch them before they’re too drunk!).

Nerves on the day of the wedding:

6. Remember why you’re getting wed

It can be all too easy to get swept up in the moment right before your nuptials, and focus only on the awaiting wedding guests and their expectations of your wedding dress and vows. But it’s vital to put all of that aside and remind yourself why you are going through all of this. Yes, it’s natural to be a tad nervous, but isn’t it worth it? You are here today to declare your love for your partner and begin the rest of your lives together. Remind yourself of this fact and it should help you put things back into perspective.

7. Meditate

Learning a few basic meditation techniques is a handy idea, so that you’re equipped in any unnerving situation. Deep breaths, focusing and repeating calming words may just be the tricks you need to settle your racing heart and clammy palms. Certain pressure points, for example, on the insides of your wrists, can be effective to target too.

8. Herbal remedies

There is a wide array of herbal remedies available nowadays that can hone in on nerves when you most need some help. It’s a good idea to try them out prior to your wedding day to ensure the product agrees with you. In all forms, from chewable pastilles to liquid drops, a small dose of herbal remedy could be all you need to get you down the aisle.

9. Have a moment alone

While it is important to have your friends and family around you, just before the nuptials it might be an idea to spend one moment alone. Have a quiet moment with your own thoughts, in a private spot –perhaps outside so you can have some fresh air. Give yourself a little pep talk or simply try to clear your mind. You will return to the ceremony refreshed and ready to take on the huge step of marriage.

10. Dutch courage

Now, we have included this at the end of the list for a reason! Dutch courage, AKA an alcoholic beverage, could be an option for those brides and grooms really feeling the nerves. Having a small tipple just to take the edge off those butterflies in your stomach could give you a confidence boost before you say ‘I do’. But be warned; do not exceed one drink (or maybe even half) as it is essential to have a clear head during your wedding vows. Neither your partner, nor the wedding officiant, will forgive you for having alcohol-breath, and if you were to show real signs of drunkenness, you may even be disallowed to marry on that day.

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