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The first dance has traditionally been the moment for the happy couple to display the intimacy of their union, but more and more couples are breaking with tradition and allowing their first dance at their wedding to demonstrate a different side of their relationship to their wedding guests. Perhaps you could take inspiration from our top 10 first wedding dances and make your special moment on the dance floor definitely one to remember.

1. You wouldn’t think that the Blue Danube Waltz would be successfully followed by a robotic dance routine and more, but this couple manage to pull it off.

2. This couple go all Grease and declare their love for each other to the classic party hit.

3. We’re pretty sure the parents and grandparents were none too pleased about what happened with this couple’s first dance.

4. It’s probably safe to say that this song has never been played as a first dance before. Probably nothing has ever come close.

5. The opening song took a turn for the worst as it breaks from slow, relaxing music to classic ‘90s hip hop.

6. You wouldn’t expect this many people to join in but it works out well. There’s about the same number of people in it as the original so it’s good going.

7. These two are definitely ‘crazy in love’ as their first dance becomes a bit more lively, changing the classic trumpet for something else.

8. We’re pretty sure the YMCA isn’t the right choice for a man on his wedding day but the bride won’t be too bothered as she gets involved as well.

9. You wouldn’t expect ‘Flo Rida’ to sound at this wedding but he pulls it off well.

10. This couple chose the song ‘When you say nothing at all’, so we’ll let this wedding dance clip speak for itself!

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