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1. Here comes the pup
Before you make your walk down the aisle, have your pet dog or cat “announce” your arrival! He or she can wear a suit or dress similar to yours or your husband’s, and walk down before or after the bridesmaids. Alternatively, have him or her “carry” a Here comes the Bride sign tied to his or her collar. If he or she gets distracted halfway, assign a bridesmaid or groomsman to try and get it back on the right path with a treat or toy.

2. Pet of honour
If you can’t trust your pet not to get distracted at all, have a flower girl, page boy, or member of the wedding party walk down the aisle with your furbaby first, then the rest to follow. 

3. Say cheese!
Don’t leave your pet out when it comes to your wedding portraits, or pictures on the day of. Pets are family too (they shouldn’t be left out!), and they’ll make for adorable pictures for the album.

4. Give them the all-important task…
… of bringing the rings to you! Make sure your bands are securely tied to a cushion, piece of wood, or to his or her collar before you send him or her running down the aisle. 

5. Pets over flowers
Instead of your wedding bouquet, tote your pet pooch or rabbit (or hamster) in a basket with floral decorations. Or just carry your pet as is. 

6. Star of the day
If your pets aren’t able to be present on your big day, there are other ways to honour them, too. Have paper cut-outs in their likeness as part of your reception table decor or centrepieces, incorporate them into your wedding monogram or stationery (invitations, menu, programmes, place cards, save-the-dates, stage backdrops), or as part of your bouquet in the form of a charm. 

7. I vow to…
Love one, love all. Have your pets stand up with you at the altar as you exchange vows. You can even mention them as part of your promises, too!