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Get your facts right
The bride recreated all the details that took place in the movie, which included her flaming red hair, ocean-inspired accessories (let’s not forget that dinglehopper for smooth tresses!), her aquatic partner-in-crime, Flounder, Prince Eric’s military wedding uniform, King Triton’s crown, and so on.


You can include other fairytale references too!
Don’t worry guys, the groom wasn’t press-ganged into having this theme by his bride. In fact, he was in on the game too – he even proposed to her with a ring on Cinderella’s glass slipper on Disney World! The couple are said to have grown up watching Disney movies, and intend to eventually move to Burbank, California (that’s where Disney’s headquarters are located). Other character appearances included Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Princess Jasmine, Snow White, Frollo and Jaafar from Aladdin.


You can work with a small budget…
… If you plan it well. While most people assume themed weddings can cost a fair bit (and we can’t blame them, with the extra items they may have to get), this couple made most of the decorations, invitations and bridesmaid dresses. The table centrepieces (which were themed according to Disney movies like Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story and Peter Pan) were sourced by the couple, the bridesmaids’ bouquets were DIY-ed by the bride, and the bridesmaid dresses were designed by the maid-of-honour. The bride was dressed in a sleek mermaid gown (instead of the actual puffy sleeved ballgown Ariel was in for her wedding).


Work with what you’ve got
According to Disney’s rules, you’re not allowed to dress up in any way that’s representative of any Disney character while you’re within the parks, so what’s a huge fan to do? Get married elsewhere, of course! This couple took their nuptials back to their hometown of O’Fallon, Missouri, where they enjoyed a scenery that’s just as beautiful.


Get guests in the fun!
You may be the stars of the day, but you should take time to remember the people who will be celebrating your union too. Besides, why should you have all the fun while your guests watch? This vivacious couple encouraged attendees to dress up in Disney-themed attire at their reception. After all, it’ll make for better, more cohesive pictures too.


All photos were taken by Shari Photography (http://shariphotography.com).