pin interest sept 2012.jpgBadges, of your own design, or from a selected range of designs, are brilliant for personalising your wedding. Work with your photographer for on-the-spot prints for guests, who can then turn them into badges with the badge-making machine, which you can hire. Badge maker, from Kencreate. PHOTO: Her World Brides Sept – Nov 2012

No couple wants the dubious honour of having the most boring reception, ever. While you’re not obligated to keep guests entertained all night, here’re a few ways to inject highlights, and get them talking about your wedding for years to come.

Dance performance
This groom, a professional dancer, and his mates, literally took reception dancing to the next level. It was meant as a surprise to his bride and guests, and it’s one of the best performances we’ve seen!

Anniversary dance
Honour the couple who have been married the longest (chances are, they’ll be your grandparents or other relatives) with this anniversary dance. You can choose to have your first dance alone, or invite other married couples onstage with you. After several rounds of elimination, the last couple left standing onstage gets honoured with your bouquet, or a prize.

Quizzes, giant jenga sets, word searches, crossword puzzles or even board games at each place or table are some ways to keep guests busy. You can even consider giving prizes away to the deserving winners at the end of the night.

Dress up!
I once attended a wedding where the couple, who held their reception in a traditional Chinese restaurant, made their entrance to the iconic Wong Fei Hong song in Manchurian costumes. It was fun, memorable, and, though it didn’t exactly invite guests to participate, many were lining up to take fun pictures with the couple! 

Time for pictures
Photo booths have been a popular trend at weddings, and it’s not hard to see why. Put a twist on it by offering life-size cut-out standees with your wedding outfits, or in costumes alluding to your wedding theme.