Inspired by the love stories of their couples and the Enchantine collection, Goldheart has woven a romantic tale of Enchantine, a garden fairy, and her true love, Prince Edward; in this beautifully illustrated animation.

A fairy-tale of love and romance is encapsulated in Enchantine – a whimsical jewellery collection featuring diamond proposal rings, wedding bands and eternity rings by Goldheart, Singapore’s first and leading bridal jeweller.

We believe a truly romantic moment deserves a truly romantic ring – one that evokes the dazzling emotions of love, and each Enchantine design is as intricate and opulent as they come.

The Enchantine collection will definitely capture the heart of every modern-day princess bride.

Regal, romantic and fantastical motifs are aplenty, from diamond embellished tiara and crown wedding bands, to angel wings-inspired diamond engagement rings – each one more brilliant than the next.

Not to mention the distinctive range of intricate eternity rings that captivates with a stylised weave, and comes in round brilliant diamonds, pink or blue sapphire.

Embody the significance of the start of your everlasting union with a ring worthy of your beautiful bride and one true love. A blue sapphire – the perfect symbol of purity and fidelity, is embedded in the inner ring band of every ring in this collection.

It’s a precious reminder of the special promise you’ve made: to a lifetime of undying love and devotion, and to a fairy-tale of your own that has just begun.

There’s nothing like seeing the dazzling rings in person. The Enchantine collection is available at most Goldheart boutiques and for a quick preview, you can also head over online at for more details.

(The visuals in the above collage are illustrated by @lovelimzy, depicting the love tale of Enchantine and Price Edward. Story starts from bottom right visual.)